An interpretation of the overall logo for the vision of Næstved Kommune
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Illustration for the nationwide project for reducing CO2-emission
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Logo for an irish firm working with creating extensions to houses
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Logo for a journalistic students council
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Logo for one of my own student projects at the architect school
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Logo for the school VUK
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An old take on a "logo" for my self;)
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Signage for the ship Elftrinn
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Creating the over all graphic identity to a new café in Skagen - including the logo
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Logo for the clothing shop Slopkisten in Skagen
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Anniversary logo for the winter swimming club Isbjørnen and their adventures aboard Jens Krogh
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Logo proposal for DG Photo
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A renewal of the logo of Røde Stjerne Fodbold Club Århus
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Logo proposal for the website
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